Fresh Tracks – Last Breath

by 1320Elements

Fresh Air Feelings

The theme of INSTRUMENTAL in June 2012 is The Spirit of Radio and Last Breath are a young band from Blackpool who understand perfectly what that means. Their fanbase is, I suspect, quite young and they are clearly on the same wavelength. We know, you know and they know that everywhere you go the kids wanna rock.

Last Breath are a four-piece melodic rock band from sunny Blackpool and they are one of a number of acts currently signed to Aspire Music Management. They started back in 2003 primarily as a covers band playing songs from bands like Metallica, Nickelback and 3 Doors Down, but they have clearly worked hard to develop their own style. Since then they have demonstrated a neat and imaginative aptitude for writing, producing and performing their own bold brand of power pop.

This is a band who know their way around good tunes and don’t mind belting them out live. They’ve already won a local Battle of the Bands competition, but it’s not difficult to imagine them conquering new ground sooner rather than later.

They are tight and harmonic in the studio but a little brasher live. This is a hard-working, let-your-hair-down Friday Night Band who get on with it while you have a good time. They’ll be there for you on Saturday morning too. They’ve got those sing-along-in-the-shower hooks that stick in your head all day.

The striking thing about their songs and performances is how obviously radio friendly they are. If I was in the car driving along the sunny esplanade and this song It’s My Time came on, the windows would come down a little more and the volume would go up. And there’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air, is there?

The band are gigging regulars on the local scene in the North west of England and their self-produced original songs have been getting airplay on supportive FM Rock internet stations.

Other acts on the Aspire roster include M.A.D.I.S.O.NPete Into OrbitBud RogersColin Heppell and  Swidenbank. They are all featured on our Storify sites FRESH TRACKS and INSTRUMENTAL where you will find even more great radio-friendly melodic rock. It’s almost as if there’s a flag flying that everyone else but mainstream radio can see.

However, all this will change in the very near future when a shift takes place from mainstream to internet radio and the bands and their fans become owners of their own franchises. If artists can build a fanbase through solid gigging, social networking and web marketing, the next logical step is to curate their own material (and the influential music that they love) on streaming radio stations. It’s going to be more work for someone but you know that you will be heard by those who want to listen to your song.

The Curator June 2012